Derrick & Elise Lingle Wedding Video Trailer

Derrick & Elise Lingle got married on 6.20.2015. It was a summer day, in Eaton Rapids at the English Inn, a ranch house, bar, bed and breakfast all wrapped into one. I’ve never heard of this venue before, nor in the 7 years I’ve been shooting weddings have I shot anything around Eaton Rapids (it’s kinda in the middle of a farmland)…but, the venue really was impressive, featuring a ceremony site with a backdrop of the Grand River flowing through. The Engligh Inn brought it’s own nostalgic flavor and the bar on site is dark, intimate and old. Beautiful. With all the vines growing on brick and the surrounding trees, it made for the perfect setting. They also accommodate receptions in a hall, on site. Anyways, with that I bring you a very short preview of Derrick and Elise’s special day! Enjoy!